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Eileen Jordan Independence

Eileen Jordan Independence

Welcome to home care this week. If you were to ask what was the number one thing that a senior has concerns about as they age and things may get a little more difficult. Family caregivers may think it would be diseased, getting hurt or something along those lines....
Home Care this Week Incontinence

Home Care this Week Incontinence

Welcome to Home Care This Week. This post is about the issue of incontinence in seniors and the challenges caregivers face when dealing with this in a home setting. People are often needed to care for a loved one at home and incontinence is a real problem. People are...

Alzheimer’s Trial and Error

Welcome to home care this week. We often have people come to our agency and ask us about dealing with a loved one with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease as a family caregiver. One of the things they are looking for is some kind of solution that tells them if you do this...

Janet Pierson Medicare

Welcome to home care this week. Is there a subject or a topic that you can think of that is any more complex or less fun than Medicare? It is important to understand it to be able to navigate through that very complex system of medical insurance. Especially for...
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