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About Alzheimer’s

As we age, certain medical conditions may become more prevalent, one of which is Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s is a type of dementia that causes problems with memory, thinking and behavior, and according to the Alzheimer’s Association it is also the most common type of dementia. Santa Clarita has resources available for residents who may be suffering from this disease and need specialized care.

Comfort Keeperds is located in Santa Clarita, and serves: Valencia, Canyon Country, Saugus, Stevenson Ranch, and Castaic. We specialize in home care for Alzheimer’s patients. Our caregivers are all carefully screened, licensed, and bonded. They are thoroughly trained and are then managed by care managers. Case managers are an important part of the process because they meet with each family to discuss exactly what the patient needs, and intermittently checks in with caregivers to make sure those specific needs are always being met.

Having someone who specializes in Alzheimer’s home care can help with a variety of needs, including toileting and assistance using the restroom, personal grooming, cooking and meal preparation, assistance with household chores and projects, and help with shopping and errands. Having an in-home caregiver who follows the plans provided by medical professionals will help patients remember to exercise and perform their physical therapy requirements.

Different diseases require different, more specialized care and although similar to Alzheimer’s, patients with Dementia may require different care. Dementia home care can be difficult for caregivers that are not trained or skilled to handle it. Having a caregiver in the home can help ease the transition into needing more help with daily needs in an environment that the patient is already comfortable in.

With Home Care Services Santa Clarita and their Dementia caregivers, patients can experience a better quality of life due to caregivers ensuring the patients safety and even providing ways to help with cognitive stimulation when needed. Family members can be relieved from providing daily needs as well as having dementia suffers engage in normal life outside of the home.

Getting a diagnoses like Alzheimer’s and requiring help with daily tasks can be a scary and confusing journey. Home Care Services of Santa Clarita offers Help for Alzheimer’s Patients and resources for family members. Reaching out for help and information could help ease the emotional and physical burden of caring for elderly family members.

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Alzheimer’s Articles

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Home Care Services Santa Clarita is more than just home care in Santa Clarita. While they provide excellent Santa Clarita senior care, this Santa Clarita senior caregiver also connects local residents to resources for seniors in Santa Clarita on a daily basis, through social media, a resource library, video interviews with senior service providers in the community and more. Your home care agency in Santa Clarita, Home Care Services specializes in Santa Clarita dementia care and has expert Alzheimer’s caregivers in Santa Clarita. If you’re looking for senior caregivers in Santa Clarita who are dedicated, caring and knowledgeable, look no further than the Santa Clarita senior resources made available to you by Home Care Services Santa Clarita.


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