About Home Care Services Santa Clarita

In-Home Caregiver

About Home Care Services

In-Home Caregiver

Home Care Services Santa Clarita was started with one simple concept in mind:

Our community needs support to help those who need extra support stay home with their loved ones.

When faced with the need to provide care at home to a senior or anyone who is physically or mentally challenged, the first question is often, “Now what?” You need someone to turn to for information and resources, and in our area that is difficult to find. We are here to help you at Home Care Services Santa Clarita.

Providing that information and those resources is what Home Care Services Santa Clarita is all about. We are here to answer the question of “Now what?”

  • We operate the free Caregiver Resource Center which provides centralized access to community health resources and other related services.
  • We host free seminars and workshops that provide information on a wide range of services.
  • We provide FREE training for family caregivers that will help you to better handle the difficult day to day activities in a safe and effective way.

Call 800-808-4777 now to be connected with the resources you need today. Send us a quick email to set up a time to discuss your situation over the phone. Or come on in and meet our staff and get help answering the question, “Now what?”

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