Cannabis – Susan Marks – Home Care Services Santa Clarita Resource Minute

Cannabis – Susan Marks – Home Care Services Santa Clarita Resource Minute

Welcome to the Home Care Resource Minute which is produced by Home Care Services Santa Clarita for people in our community that are caring for a senior or other loved one at home and are in need of assistance.

The service includes caregivers in the home assisting seniors with activities of daily living. We are here today with Susan Marks who is a registered nurse specializing in cannabis. It might be quite difficult to find a more confusing topic then the use of cannabis in medicine. Because of its history and use in a recreational capacity there are a wide variety of misconceptions an incorrect facts about its potential use with a wide variety of diseases.

When considering care at home for a senior or other loved one, all various options should be factored in including new treatments like the use of cannabis. Home Care is not a one size fits all kind of proposition. The health of an elder is often the primary component for the best quality of life.

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We’re contacted by families looking for solutions in the home to maintain a seniors independence while still keeping them safe and active in their own home. This kind of preventative treatment goes a long wait words preventing that elder from ending up in a nursing home. Families day to remember that they need to address both the mental and physical health while maintaining that healthy relationship was with that senior.

The simple day to day activities such as bathing, dressing, cooking, cleaning, exercise, and transportation all become more difficult when dealing with health issues and in turn lead to greater and more significant problems over the long term.

In order to provide the family caregiver with the right information we asked Susan Marks whether medical cannabis is appropriate for seniors to use. And here is how season answer that question: “Actually cannabis is very effective and the senior population. They are generally facing some very common issues, whether it is pain management, inflammation, anxiety, depression, insomnia, poor appetite, and neurodegenerative diseases and cannabis as it is able to address all of those issues with just one medicine.

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