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Home Care Services Santa Clarita is a company that provides specially trained and licensed in-home caregivers for seniors. We help families keep seniors, and others needing assistance, safe, healthy and independent in their homes.

Rick Ferrante, president of Home Care Services Santa Clarita and Woodland Hills shares his insight on various matters concerning senior care and working with caregivers.

So you’ve decided to hire a caregiver, there are questions that should be considered when hiring an independent one. Some of these may include basic things like if this person fits well into the family dynamic and can be trusted. But there are other questions that may not be as clear.

For instance, one may wonder if the person is background checked or if they are licensed as a home care aide. In addition, does that background check continue monitoring that person so if something happens it sends out an alert. Home health care is something we take seriously, as a home care provider, we seek to make sure that who we work with are checked and screened. When you hire an independent person, these are things that should be considered before they start day one on the job.


Beyond that, time may be needed to check their references as well as learn about that caregiver’s specific skill-set before they begin work to make sure they are appropriate for the situation they will be placed in. Yes, a private individual can handle the job and have all the qualifications, but working with an agency helps to ensure that they do.

An agency can handle things such as this and more which could include carrying workers compensation, handling payroll, and things of this nature. In a previous blog we discussed how some individuals who are hiring a caregiver may actually be seen as an employer by the state and would thus have to maintain the latter. Thus, working with an agency can be helpful in being sure qualified caregivers are hired.

If you would like to learn more about anything presented in this blog or video, please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to expound on any of the information.

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Home Care Services Santa Clarita is more than just home care in Santa Clarita. Home Care Services Santa Clarita services: Canyon Country, Saugus, Valencia, Stevenson Ranch, Castaic, Newhall and surrounding areas. While we provide excellent Santa Clarita senior care we also connect local residents to resources for seniors in Santa Clarita and surrounding areas on a daily basis, through social media, a resource library, video interviews with senior service providers in the community and more. Your in-home care agency in Santa Clarita, Home Care Services specializes in dementia care and has expert Alzheimer’s caregivers in Santa Clarita and surrounding areas. If you’re looking for senior caregivers in Santa Clarita who are dedicated, caring and knowledgeable, look no further than the Santa Clarita senior resources made available to you by Home Care Services Santa Clarita.

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