New Treatments At City Of Hope – Home Care Services Santa Clarita Resource Minute

New Treatments At City Of Hope – Home Care Services Santa Clarita Resource Minute

Doctor Hajjar is a medical oncologist with The City of Hope and has a special interest in gastrointestinal cancer.

We often hear of new medicines or new treatments and those possibilities often seem remote and distant to us here in Santa Clarita Valley. With The City of Hope we now have those kinds of world class resources in the area cancer treatment right here in our back yard.

We asked Doctor Hajjar about one of those new treatments announced by The City of Hope and here’s what he had to tell us. City of Hope is a major research institute and has many clinical trials performed on a regular basis.

Mostly recently we received FDA approval for treatment of malignancies using CAR-T cell therapy. It can be difficult to remove tumors and make sure that there are no cancer cells left in the body and at the same time limit damage to healthy tissue. Using this there be is a way to use the body’s own defenses to destroy tumors and it has shown promise in preventing the cancer from returning.

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The most recent form of CAR-T cell therapy uses cells that and stay in the body after treatment and then can potentially attack cancer cells should the return the future.

This kind of therapy is given as a single treatment with several infusions directly in to the tumor site. Because of this the therapy can take a much shorter amount of time. Often the treatment can be administered in an outpatient basis. At this point the therapy has shown to be well tolerated allowing patients to return to normal activity with few side effects.

City of Hope clinicians and researchers are continually evaluating and improving this therapy so it can be more effective and accessible for our patients. This is a resource that is now available right here in Santa Clarita Valley.

Local community residents can take advantage of the world class treatment at their cancer center located on Valencia Blvd in Valencia.

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