Providence Trinity Hospice Care – Sharon Moon – Home Care Services Santa Clarita Resource Minute

Providence Trinity Hospice Care – Sharon Moon – Home Care Services Santa Clarita Resource Minute

Welcome to the Home Care Resource Minute which is a production of Home Care Services and provided as a resource for families in the Santa Clarita area who have a parent or other loved one at home in need of assistance.

We are here today with Sharon Moon who is a clinical director at Providence Trinity Hospice Care. There is a considerable amount of misunderstanding about hospice care and the variety of services provided by a company like Providence Trinity Hospice so it is great to have Sharon Moon with us here in the studio.

The question we have for Sharon was the following. Does someone have to actually be in a medical facility in order to receive hospice care? This was Sharon Moon’s reply: no, hospice care comes to you.

It comes to what ever place you call home. It can be in your own home, it can be living with one of your children, it can also be in a situation where you are residing in a board and care facility. Hospice care can also be delivered in a skilled nursing facility or it even in an assisted living community.

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And while hospice care is generally considered a service performed in a home, there are certain levels of care also provided in a hospital setting. But really for the most part and for the best outcomes hospice care is designed to be provided in a home where the patient is most comfortable.

All the equipment that may be required based on the diagnosis and situation is delivered directly to the home and the visits by nurses and other medical professionals are all done in a private residence setting. In short, hospice comes to you because a scenario where someone is in this position will is difficult enough as it is owned without having to deal with everything outside of the home were you are the most comfortable.

Home Care Services Santa Clarita often finds that caregivers do not know or understand the various options such as hospice care for a senior or other loved one at the end of life. It is a stressful time and emotionally difficult so knowing that those resources are available can be comforting in tremendously valuable to family’s living in the Santa Clarita Valley.

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