What Happens After Diagnosis For Hearing Loss – Home Care Services Santa Clarita Resource Minute

What Happens After Diagnosis For Hearing Loss – Home Care Services Santa Clarita Resource Minute

Today we are talking to Dr. Patrice Rifkind of audiology associates located right here in Valencia on Valencia Blvd.

I visited Dr. Rifkind in her office at audiology associates and we talked about what actually happens with the patient after they have that been diagnosed with hearing loss. Audiology associates performs hearing test their in their location and determines if there is actual hearing loss or some other medical issue with a diagnosis.

After fifth making that determination and if there is hearing loss president Dr. Rifkind will first discuss the options and alternatives and various alternatives with the family as well as the patient. Hearing loss can affect in the caregivers and other members of the family in the household if the senior is not living alone.

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That’s why it is important to have that family and VOL to determine what the environment is like and how to proceed with a hearing aid are other device. Dr. If kind will also ask questions about the seniors lifestyle and what kind of activities they do on a regular basis. There are of error there are there are a wide variety of options in choices in hearing aids and often the determination of which one to use is based on the environment that person is generally in.

Is it something where the senior is indoors a significant portion of the day? Are the outside and in louder environments? Are they more often with a large number of people or only a few? Hearing aids have come a long way in function in technology but there still is a focus on specific types of hearing loss and they can enhance a person’s ability to hear and communicate best when they are targeted 20 specific environment.

Most people do not factor in these kinds of questions when thinking about addressing the issue of hearing loss which is why Home Care Services and its staff want to make sure that caregivers and families in the Santa Clarita community know and understand the options and resources available to address this important health concern.

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