What Is Palliative Care – Dr. Marwa Kilani – Home Care Services Santa Clarita Resource Minute

What Is Palliative Care – Dr. Marwa Kilani – Home Care Services Santa Clarita Resource Minute

I’m here today with Dr. Marwa Kilani who is the Medical Director of the palliative care unit for Providence Holy Cross Medical Center. And the question we’re asking Dr. Kilani today is very simple: What is palliative care?

According to Dr Kilani, Palliative care is a medical specialty that provides pain and symptom management for those who are seriously ill. Many of these patients are dealing with very serious medical diseases and palliative care is a an approach provided by a team of specialists.

It is important to understand that palliative care is not designed only for terminal patients and is different than hospice. The purpose of palliative and is to improve the patient’s quality of life and support their families when they are facing life threatening disease or other very serious medical situation. It is a process that helps through prevention in relief of suffering by means of early identification and impeccable assessment and treatment of pain. It is often said that palliative care of affirms life and treats the dying process as just a normal part of the life process.

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When prescribed by Physician the palliative care team will provide treatment of physical pain, psycho-social and spiritual issues in a comprehensive way.

One of the primary goals of the palliative care team is to include family as they cope with a patient’s illness and treatment. It will often include care for that family in the form of bereavement counseling and other support. Palliative care can be used in conjunction with other treatments in the early stages of life threatening diseases and can include treatments that are intended to prolong life including chemotherapy or radiation treatments.

Family caregivers who are trying to assist and help and elder at home, or during a hospital stay, should be aware that palliative care is an option and ask questions of hospital staff Physicians and others in the medical community if that kind of care is an appropriate option for the patient.

Home Care Services Santa Clarita recognizes that families may not be aware of this resource at Providence Holy Cross Medical Center or other hospital and medical facilities.

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