What is Urgent Care – Home Care Services Santa Clarita Resource Minute

What is Urgent Care – Home Care Services Santa Clarita Resource Minute

We’re joined today by Dr. Joe Chambers who is the Chair of Urgent Care at Facey Medical Group.

This videos produced by our staff in an effort to highlight the wide variety of resources available to seniors and their caregivers in our valley. There are wide variety of medical terms that can be confusing to family’s in the Santa Clarita area and in particular to those who are assisting and loved one at home.

The services at various facilities can also not be clear as to what kind of procedures and services they actually offer compared to others. Urgent care might be one of those facilities that are often misunderstood. We asked Dr. Chambers what it was that an urgent care such as that of Facey Medical Group does and does not do. And here is what Dr. Chambers had to say.

At Facey Medical Group urging care we are a full service urgent care. That means we can do anything as long as it is not life threatening. Gunshot wounds, and definitely not. Heart attacks know that is not something that we would take care of. But pretty much everything else that is not life threatening.

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Pneumonia, UTI’s, phalaenophilies, severe belly pain, we can even do a CAT scan. Fractures, laceration procedures, abscess. FAC Medical Group we can do it all because we’re full service urgent care. And Home Care Services our staff to often deal with family’s who are not aware of the wide variety of services that can be performed at an urgent care verses point to a hospital.

The level of care can be as higher quality while the weight team time can often be significantly reduced. Understanding these kinds of options before there is a serious situation can really help when the time comes to needing these kinds of services.

Facey Medical Group is a tremendous resource right here in Santa Clarita valley and an alternative to a hospital in a non life threatening situation.

Facey Medical Group urging care is located at 26357 McBean Pkwy in Valencia.
They are open Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays from 9:00AM to 8:30PM.

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