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When asked what you should look for when it comes to insurance, especially home owners or renters insurance? Carol Smith of Insurance SCV responded,

People look for the least expensive insurance. You should know the differences between the “Cadillac” policy and the cheaper more basic one. There are also miscellaneous policies. Building ordinance that aren’t put into policies.

That aren’t put in the building ordinances for older homes should be in there that would help you to bring it up to code when there has been fire or other damage.

Is this something that you need to have an attorney look at or should you have a broker look at?

Carol said that she recommended that you get a referral from an agent to a broker to help you look it over.

Is there something different that a senior get that is different from someone who is 30?

Carol said that age doesn’t make a difference when it comes to home insurance. The state does have some checks and balances so that the seniors don’t get taken advantage of. It’s important that you get someone you trust to look over the policy. Someone who knows what they are looking at to help you get the best that you can afford.

Carol also emphasized that we looked on our policies to see if we had sewer back up coverage. Not a fun one to talk about but important because it’s not always automatically put on but you should have someone that knows to add.

Another tip that Carol reminded us was that on a home policy many times mudslide, flood and earthquake insurance aren’t included on your regular home policy. The better policy to have is the peril policy. Carol recommended that you should read the exclusions on your policy when you have time. Know what is on your “special form” on your policy. It will pertain to the dwelling and contents.

On some policies there are some companies that limit your recovery from smoke damage from wild fire. So know what your policy says.

AARP has really good discounts if you’ve been a member for a year, so make sure you mention that to your broker.

If you’re looking for a trusted insurance broker who can help you find the best coverage for your budget call Carol Smith at Insurance SCV in Valencia call 661-803-3803 email Carol@insurancescv.com www.insurancescv.com

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