Elder Law Attorneys

Elder Law

Elder Law Attorneys

No one wants to imagine a time when their loved ones get sick, when difficult questions must be answered that will result in life-altering decisions. Who has power of attorney? Is their estate managed correctly and safely? Home Care Services Santa Clarita can connect you with an Elder Care Attorney to manage these services and more.

  • When mom is sick, who has medical power of attorney?
  • What happens to the house when dad can’t live there anymore?
  • What is a will and why do we need one?
  • What is elder abuse and how do I avoid it?
  • What happens to mom’s assets when she goes into an assisted living facility?

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Expert Help is Available

Let us put you in touch with local lawyers who can help you through these daunting tasks.

These are tough issues to address. No one wants to think of their loved ones getting sick or dying, but for some it becomes inevitable. However, planning ahead and managing these issues now can prevent a lot of stress later. We invite you to sit down with a member of our staff at the Caregiver Resource Center who will help you step by step. Our duty is to answer every question and connect you with one of our trusted legal partners while you still have time to give thoughtful consideration to your options.

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