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Geriatric Therapy

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Geriatric Therapy

We are here for you.

As our loved ones age, their mental capacity can deteriorate and they may lose their independence. Are you reluctant to leave your loved one home alone during the day? Are they starting to forget small or simple things? We understand your feelings of concern for their well-being.

We provide resources to help manage the care of those suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease and all stages of dementia. These are difficult disorders to address on your own. Our team of trusted partners can work with your family directly or in a group setting during one of the many seminars at the Caregiver Resource Center.

Please call if you are faced with any of these questions:

  • Will I be able to cope with the death of my friends/family/spouse?
  • As my body physically deteriorates, will I lose the ability to participate in the activities I used to do?
  • How long can I care for myself?
  • Will my life still be meaningful as my mind ages?

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geriatric therapy

Don’t forget about you!

Sometimes we forget to care for ourselves as get caught up in caring for our loved ones. Our therapy services are available to everyone, not just your loved ones.

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Support For Family Caregivers

We also have services for family caregivers. This is an important and challenging role. As a result, you may be ignoring your own personal health needs without realizing it. Sometimes you need to take a step back and look at your own health needs in addition to those of your loved ones.

These questions and more can create a high sense of anxiety among the elderly, and for you as the family caregiver. We can help answer these questions and more at the Caregiver Resource Center. Call us to talk to our staff or come in. We will work with you and connect you with our trusted partners in psychology.



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