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Natalie Tate – Your Personal Concierge Case Manager

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Natalie Tate

Your Personal Concierge, Case Manager

I’m here to be a trusted companion when you need someone to stand in the gap, when you don’t want to burden your family or loved one to help you for that extra help you may require. As your Personal Concierge Case Manager, I’ll help you or your loved one with care planning and management, this includes:

  • Creating a care plan, arranging the right type of care for your loved one.
  • Medical Appointment Assistance
    • Translating medical language to my client and communication to the doctor the clients needs.
    • Creating Reports to the family after the medical appointments.
  • Assist families with taking the next step for mom or dad when they need to go to assisted living or skilled care facilities.
    • Researching the right facility that fits for the family and their loved ones needs.
  • Pre and Post Op support
    • Pre-Op preparation and appointment arrangements and accompaniment.
    • Post-op after care with wound management, appointment management, driving you to your appointments while you are unable to drive yourself.

I’m here to help find your solutions and fill in the gap of what you can’t or don’t want to do. What does that mean to you? I’m here to help you and your family maintain that delicate balance to continue to function as a family. For me this is personal; it’s personal to help you through your personal daily activities, through your medical appointments, through the joys and struggles of life. I want to help you and be that trusted advisor to help you get through and stay home and independent as long as you can even to the end of life if thats how you want it to be.

I am passionate about helping people; I am a mom and a volunteer in our local community working to support the independence of seniors and their family members.

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