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Senior Housing

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About Senior Housing

Home Care Services is located in Santa Clarita, and serves: Valencia, Canyon Country, Saugus, Stevenson Ranch, and Castaic. Although we specialize in all in-home care needs for our elderly residents, we are also happy to help with other transitions with vital information we’ve gained from working in this community.

Selling a home can be a difficult and tedious process, but the added stress of an elderly resident selling a home they have owned for a lifetime can be even more complicated. Santa Clarita Senior real estate agents specialize in working with elderly residents who are selling their homes, whether it be to move in with family or into an assisted living facility. At Home Care Services Santa Clarita, we can help provide information about different real estate agents and retirement villages that we trust.

Home Care Services Santa Clarita provides assistance with transportation, appointment scheduling, and can attend doctors appointments and provide detailed reports for the family. We can help you and your elderly family find the right professionals needed to help them with what their needs may be. We can even help you find the right retirement village or senior living facility.

Retirement villages are entire communities that are dedicated to senior living. They are generally independent living houses but Home Care Service in-home care specialists are welcome for those that need a little help. There are many retirement villages and retirement homes in Santa Clarita, and we are happy to share with you information about them. There are also senior apartment options in Santa Clarita for elderly family members and they can be less expensive to own, or rent.

At Home Care Services Santa Clarita, we will listen to your specific situation, and can be a great source of information regarding anything elderly care related. We offer free training for family caregivers for people who need a little help handling difficult day to day tasks. Home Care Services also hosts local, free seminars and workshops for you and your family. We at Home Care Services Santa Clarita are happy to help with your or your families in-home care whenever that home may be.

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Senior Housing Recent Articles

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Home Care Services Santa Clarita is more than just home care in Santa Clarita. While they provide excellent Santa Clarita senior care, this Santa Clarita senior caregiver also connects local residents to resources for seniors in Santa Clarita on a daily basis, through social media, a resource library, video interviews with senior service providers in the community and more. Your home care agency in Santa Clarita, Home Care Services specializes in Santa Clarita dementia care and has expert Alzheimer’s caregivers in Santa Clarita. If you’re looking for senior caregivers in Santa Clarita who are dedicated, caring and knowledgeable, look no further than the Santa Clarita senior resources made available to you by Home Care Services Santa Clarita.


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