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What Our Clients Are Saying

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Janet P

Janet P tells us about Home Care Services and the way the company and staff cared for her dad. This is a testimonial from Janet about the caregivers, case managers, and staff of Home Care Services and the way they have helped her family. Back in April of this year my dad, who is 87, was not eating. We realized he needed a caregiver.

Now if you know my dad you do not try to tell him that he needs help like that, so we had to find a way that we could assist him with various activities with about him thinking it was a caregiver. So we decided to call this person a “cook” to get him to accept it. Even though the caregiver did much more than cook. My dad has many requirements. He smokes, he can be very crabby at times, he needed someone to drive him, he was not eating, and he just needed help with many activities around the house. The staff came in and really knew what to do. It’s just been easy.

Now we don’t have to worry because we know that somebody is always there, someone reliable that we can count on to be there, and the people that are managing the situation who know what’s going on and we just don’t have to worry. We think that my dad might have Alzheimer’s or some severe form of dementia and we believe in the future we are going to need care for him twenty four seven. So we will definitely get Homes Care Services to fill in that gap for us.

We trust them. We trust the caregivers. I am not really sure what else to say about that except that we really trust Home Care Services in general. We have had a good experience. My dad’s OK. Home Care Services is an in-home care agency. We provide caregivers for seniors and others who need assistance with activities of daily living in their home. Bathing, toileting, dressing, cooking, cleaning, medication management, and transportation, are some of the many functions that caregivers can do for a senior and for the family who care for them. The agency is licensed, as are all the caregivers and employees individually, as well as bonded and insured.

Robert and Suzanne Holmes: Care for Mother and Grandmother

“This company, their case managers, caregivers and staff were a life saver for us during a really difficult time. We had to deal with a really hard situation with my mother’s cancer and they were an incredible support for her and our entire family.

We are very thankful they were there with us during all the stages, including hospice and her passing. We can’t say enough about their caring professionalism and commitment. So much so that we are now using them for assistance with our grandmother as well.” – Rob Holmes

Barbara Oster: General in home care

“You and your caregivers have been so helpful to me, I don’t know what I would do without you all! The days can be so endless when you don’t feel well, if it were not for Trisha I do not know what I would do. I love my husband, but he is not able to be here all the time, it’s comforting to have your services”

Ed and Marlene Bernstein. Care for Mother and Father

“Your company and staff are part of our family now, which is kind of what the goal was. I’m a busy guy – now I have someone that I trust watching after my Mom and Dad…. And I am really grateful for that.” – Ed Bernstein.

Robert Rosemont: Care for Mother

“My family began using Home Care Services to assist my 94 year old mother in August, 2015, and my only regret is that I didn’t find them sooner.  The peace of mind knowing my mother is well cared for is precious and priceless.  I can go to Seattle or take a trip out of the Country, as I did last month, knowing that my mother is as safe as if I were there.  I would highly recommend Home Care Services to anyone considering their type of services.” – Robert Rosemont

Sally & Ted Blankenship: Care for family

“I warrant all the good helpers we have always had from your company. They are very helpful, top of the cream! Your company is very business like and perfection is not something people see every day. Pleasure to work with you” – Sally Blankenship

Jack Crutchfield: Care for mother

“The help we are getting is fantastic. I am not sure what I would have done without these guys. The caregivers are great and really help me and my Mom. If someone is looking for help with anything regarding a family member I would definitely give them a call. It has really been so helpful having them here.” – Jack Crutchfield

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Home Care Services Santa Clarita is more than just home care in Santa Clarita. While they provide excellent Santa Clarita senior care, this Santa Clarita senior caregiver also connects local residents to resources for seniors in Santa Clarita on a daily basis, through social media, a resource library, video interviews with senior service providers in the community and more. Your home care agency in Santa Clarita, Home Care Services specializes in Santa Clarita dementia care and has expert Alzheimer’s caregivers in Santa Clarita. If you’re looking for senior caregivers in Santa Clarita who are dedicated, caring and knowledgeable, look no further than the Santa Clarita senior resources made available to you by Home Care Services Santa Clarita.


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