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The In-Home Caregiver

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What does a Caregiver working for us have to have in order to set foot in your home?

They MUST:

⦁ Be fully licensed with the State of California.
⦁ Have passed a complete background check.
⦁ Be fully bonded and insured by our Agency.
⦁ Be fully interviewed and screened by our staff.
⦁ Complete the Training Requirements.
⦁ Complete the State of California Home Care Aide application and review process and have all the required clearances.
⦁ Have a medically professional and recent TB clearance.
⦁ Be an employee of Home Care Services and agreed to all the current Employee Policies and Procedures

We do NOT cut corners. No caregiver permitted to work in a client’s home until and unless ALL requirements are in place – 100%. No exceptions.

Screened, reviewed, trained, and managed caregivers are here to help you or your loved one with a variety of activities in your home. We review literally hundreds of people with interviews, skills tests, background checks, in office training, reference checks and verification and make sure we screen through those who we believe they can provide care to the standards of this organization. There are many caregivers who will work in your home, but only these have been cleared through this process.

Let us take the burden off of you and provide a Caregiver assistant; many of their functions include any or all of the following:

⦁ General Mobility and Movement. Aches and pains as well as an overall lack of energy can make it difficult getting around. This in turn leads to more health issues in a downward spiral. We can assist someone who is having trouble moving to get back to safe and active movement.
⦁ Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care can be difficult for someone who is not trained or skilled to handle it. We can help with ensuring safety and quality of life as well as provide ways to help with cognitive stimulation in many situations
⦁ Toileting & Assistance using the Restroom. Personal care is very challenging and can be a safety issue in addition to a factor in one’s quality of life. We can assist someone who needs assistance using the toilet so the person is safe and can also retain their independence, dignity, and privacy.
⦁ Personal grooming (brushing teeth, combing hair, etc.) and general hygiene for those that need some assistance with those daily tasks.
⦁ Help with Bathing and Dressing. These normal and common activities are something done without thinking about it for people but when there are medical issues, these task are an important element our caregivers can assist with.
⦁ Nutrition and hydration are a common problem for those with limited mobility, physical problems and lack of energy. These are critical features in our plan of care.
⦁ Cooking and meal preparation can be difficult and result in poor nutrition and hydration. Cooking and meal preparation are an important part of the care we provide.
⦁ Assist with household chores & projects. Maintaining a clean and safe living environment can be difficult when someone has health issues. Our caregivers can provide assistance with housework to help people with limitations remain independent in their home.
⦁ Help with shopping and errands so a family member is relieved of these tasks and provides a way to get out and engage in normal living!
⦁ Transportation is a key factor in independence and it difficult for one to accept when driving themselves is no longer safe. Our caregivers can provide transportation so a family member does not have to take on that burden and so people can remain as independent as possible and still be safe.
⦁ Medication reminders and assistance. Where there are even small memory issues, confusion with medication can be dangerous. Our caregivers assist with following the instructions of the medical professionals.
⦁ Exercise and support of physical therapy requirements. It is important to receive physical therapy exercises but it does not do the patient any good if they do not do them. Our caregivers can help follow the plan provided by medical professionals.


Even with all the screening and training done it is important to understand that when we provide this service a caregiver is not just placed in the home and forgotten about. One of the most important parts of providing caregiving services is the management of the caregivers themselves and a continuing analysis of the needs of the person in our care.

Our Case Managers take the time to understand the situation your family and your loved one are in. We meet with you in the home and customize a plan to meet your needs. From a few simple tasks for just a few hours in a day to 24/7 full-time care. We help everyone involved in navigating the challenges in caring for someone in their home. And then the Case Manager stays with the case and continues to offer the same assistance as things evolve and change over time.

This part of the service is provided at no cost to you and as a part of our continuing pledge to provide the resources you need to care for your loved one.

Our Case Management is included with the following services:

⦁ In-home Comprehensive Assessment
⦁ Complete Plan of Care
⦁ Monitoring of services
⦁ Planning and problem-solving
⦁ Education and advocacy
⦁ Family caregiver assistance and coaching

We also provide the following specialized types of care:

⦁ In-home Alzheimer’s Caregiver
⦁ In-home dementia caregiver
⦁ In-home Parkinson’s caregiver

Want to learn more about our in-home caregiving services? Please contact us for more information today or call 800-808-477.

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Caregiver Aid

Continuing Education:

Our caregivers are required to attend no less than 10 hours of continuing education each year. Many of these classes are also available to families!




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