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Using Home Care Services to Eliminate Your Financial Liability

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Why Don’t We Just Hire our Neighbor?

The simple answer to the idea of just hiring anyone is – you can. But make sure you fully understand that decision – and know what the risks are.

Choosing a cheaper option may seem less expensive, but there is a reason for that difference in cost. Make sure you know the risks you are taking on if you want to go with what looks like a cheaper option. See the list below for the issues you will need to deal with.

If you choose to work with Comfort Keepers – you do not have to worry about ANY of the issues below.

But if you are hiring a private caregiver independently, make sure you do the following:

Stay legal. You are an employer. So you need to make sure you know, understand, and follow the law.

Pay payroll taxes. This is a part of the cost difference. You are required to pay the payroll taxes for someone you hire. Many people think that a person you hire is an independent contractor if you provide a 1099. That is not true. In the State of California, YOU are the employer if certain criteria are met – and a caregiver is an employee. You are required to calculate, deduct, and pay those taxes.

Pay minimum wage. It is illegal not to.

Calculate and pay overtime. You must know what the criteria is and pay it.

Calculate and pay sick time. You must get this right to avoid the liability.

Make sure you have Workers Comp and Liability insurance that will cover injuries to the caregiver. This is a very significant portion of the cost difference and is critical to protecting yourself.

Hire an attorney to make sure you have the proper policies and procedures in place to help reduce the risk of lawsuits.

The question is simply about how much risk you want to take. If you do not want any of the above costs and risks, work through Home Care Services and you will not be burdened with any of it.

We pay all the costs and assume all the risks.

The cost becomes very similar when you factor in all the pieces you will have to put in place. Choosing a private caregiver is an option, but at least now you know some of the risks.

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